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CHAPTER 1 - The Human Organism CHAPTER 2 - The Chemical Basis of Life CHAPTER 3 - Cell Structures and Their Functions CHAPTER 4 - Tissues, Glands, and Membranes CHAPTER 5 - Integumentary System CHAPTER 6 - Histology and Physiology of Bones CHAPTER 7 - Anatomy of Bones and Joints ask archive theme credit next page

CHAPTER 1: The Human Organism

For most people, the first topics in any books are the easiest ones. For this subject, Anatomy and Physiology, it is not.

The Human Organism is a chapter that tells us the definition of Anatomy and Physiology. Besides that, it also discuss the different structural and functional organization in our body - starting from the smallest unit, the chemical level up to the organism level.

We find the ones that were discussed first very easy and we thought anatomy was really exciting until the word “Homeostasis” appeared. The truth is, most of us had a hard time absorbing or getting the real meaning of homeostasis. During our first ever pop quiz, the question that had the answer “homeostasis” was the most unforgettable for most students in our section.

Another hard topic that we encountered was the topic about Directional Terms. Looks easy when you first see the pictures related to it but once you apply it to the different body parts, it makes you want to go to the next page and just ignore it. But you just have to be patient and memorize these terms in order for you to understand the lessons in the next chapters. We saw its importance when we had the lesson on the Integumentary System. It also showed another lesson; Giving up is not a solution when you are having a hard time studying. Believe in yourself and you can achieve anything.

Also, one of the most exciting and challenging part in this topic is memorizing the different anatomical names of the different body parts in our body and the different subdivisions of the abdomen. This was also one of the unforgettable moments that we had because we only had, like 5 minutes to memorize for the quiz. But at the end, most of us managed to memorize most of it and got high scores. Memorizing the different anatomical names is also a big help since we use these terms a lot in our Fundamentals of Nursing subject.

After tackling the first chapter, we already expected the next chapters will be harder than this. We just have to ready and trust ourselves in order to master this subject.



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